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Why ougoing port access restricted? Why charge for a dedicated IP?


Hosts restrict outgoing port access as a result of the shared hosting environment. In this environment every account on a server shares a single IP address. As a result some outgoing ports are blocked because no single account is assigned the IP address for the box.
To gain access to these outgoing ports it is necessary to lease a dedicated IP address which allows your account to have access to these outgoing ports. One of the primary reasons for a dedicated IP address is dedicated SSL certificate, outgoing ports, and 5 minutes to run service.



I need to have a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) installed for my domain.


You will need two things for an SSL, a dedicated IP and an SSL Certificate SSL certificates can only be installed on your main domain on the account and cannot be for a subdomain, addon domain or parked domain.



How do I get a private SSL certificate?


There are two parts to a private SSL. The first is a dedicated IP. The second is the certificate itself.

To get a private SSL, please complete these three steps.

1) Create an '' email address through the Email Manager in your control panel.

2) In the SSL Manager in your control panel, select 'Private Keys (KEY)'. Under 'Generate a New Key', select your main domain from the dropdown box and click the 'Generate' button.

Note 1: The "SSL Manager" Icon will not appear in your cPanel until AFTER you have a dedicated IP installed on your account.
Note 2: Most hosting companies only support SSL Certificates for the Main domain, and it must be the

3) Go back to the SSL Manager main screen, and select 'Certificate Signing Requests (CSR)'. Under 'Generate a New Certificate Signing Request', your should be in the Host box. Under country, enter your 2 letter country code (US, GB, FI, etc). The rest are self explanatory, down to the Passphrase box. Enter any password between 5-15 characters, using only numbers, and upper and lowercase letters.