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Web hosting using Page Wizard.

Page Wizard


Are there any browsers that are not compatible with PageWizard?


Yes, AOL and Safari. If you are a Mac user, you can still use PageWizard if you use Internet Explorer, FireFox or Netscape for Mac.



Getting started with SiteBuilder?




Getting Started

1. Log into your control panel.
Page Wizard

2. Locate the "Software/Services" menu.
Page Wizard

3. Locate and click on the "PageWizard" icon.
Page Wizard

4. The "Project" window is the first thing you see when you start up the builder.
Page Wizard
Before you can create a web page, you need to create a project to put it in. Projects allow you to separate web pages into groups, thus allowing you to build many different websites or parts of a website with the builder.
5. To proceed, enter the name of your project in the "Name:" text box and press the "[Click Here to Start]" button.
Page Wizard

6. You will then be taken to the "Start" window:
Page Wizard

7. Click the "Start Blank Website" button.
8. You will be prompted to enter the name of your new webpage:
Page Wizard

Note:Your webserver requires that your Main/Home page always be title "index"
9. In the text box enter index in lower case then hit the [Enter Name] button.



How do I create thumbnails in PageWizard?


To set up thumbnails in PageWizard:

1. Create a new folder for your images on your server space.

2. Upload all of your images to that folder from your home computer using Unlimited FTP in the FTP Manager on your bluehost control panel.

3. Use the Thumbnailer in the Image Manager on your bluehost control panel to create thumbnails of your images.

4. Download your thumbnails to your home computer using Unlimited FTP.

5. Use the Upload Images function in PageWizard to upload all of your thumbnails from your home computer.

a. Click on "Upload Images" on the right-hand side of the screen (directly under the words "File Tree").
b. Click on "Browse..." and find one thumbnail and click "open". Do the same for each thumbnail individuallly.
c. Once you have selected all of your thumbnails click "Upload".

6. Insert your images by clicking on "Insert" in the upper left-hand side of PageWizard and clicking on "Insert". You will need to double-click the image file for it to open.

7. Right-click on one of the image that you have inserted on the page you are working on. This should display a drop down menu. Select "Add Link".

8. Enter the path to the large photo on your server space. For example if your domain (web address) is and your large image is called picture1.jpg and is located in a folder called "images" inside of your public_html folder (which is the root folder for your website) you would enter: and then click "OK".

Before calling your hosting company for support on this topic make sure Unlimited FTP is working.



Can I import or use an existing website in the Page Wizard?


As it is still in the beta (testing) stages, PageWizard currently does not support the import web site feature.