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Mailing Lists


Can I export my mailing list from Mailman?


There is no way to export a file containing the list but you can get the e-mails by hand with a little work. Below are the steps you would need to take:

1. Login to your control panel
2. Click on the "mail" link
3. Click on "mailing lists"
4. Click on the "edit" button next to the mailing list you would like to export from
5. Enter password and enter administration page
6. Click on the "Go to the general list information page" on the right of the screen
7. Click on "view subscriber list" button
8. Cut and paste the column(s) one column at a time into a text editor. (windows notepad might be a good choice)
9. Use your text editor's replace all function and replace all " at " (no quotes but keep spaces) and replace with a @.

You have your list of e-mail addresses.

Optional step: use you text editor's replace option to replace or remove any unwanted * ( or ) characters that are in the list that you copied.