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Getting started with web hosting.

Getting Started


How long will it take to get my new site online?


Some hosting companies can have your site online the same day you submit your order. Your account can be setup within hours of your purchase, provided that the order application is accurate and complete. You will normally receive your account information via e-mail, at which point you can start on uploading files to the space and preparing your site.

However, it could take a few days for the domain name to point to the account, depending on whether it is a new registration or a domain transfer.



How do I sign up with the least amount of downtime?


This is fairly easy to accomplish.

1. You need your new hosting account.

2. After your account has been setup, you will receive an account setup email. You can then upload your files and create your email accounts.

3. Now you can go ahead and request a domain transfer with your domain registrar. Point the domain name to the name servers and wait until the changes have propagated.

4. About 24 to 48 hours later, your domain should be pointing to your new hosting account and your website as well as emails should still be up and running without any problems.

5. Let a few days pass by just to make sure your domain points to your new hosting account everywhere in the world. You can now cancel your old hosting account with your old hosting company / email provider.



How do I get started? Step 1


Step One in Getting Started

To get started with using your new hosting account, you'll need an explanation of the basic process of getting your Web site up and running as well as some important features that will help you administrate your hosting account. We'll start by assuming that you have just created a brand new account using the setup process and have already received your account setup letter containing important account information such as your account username and password. If you have not received your account activation letter containing this key information, please contact your support department immediately.

One the first things that every new account user should know is that for a few days after your original signup date, you will have to access your domain in a web browser temporarily via the address and your username (the link will be in your welcome email) not your new domain name (Web address). Your new or transferred domain name can take a few days to function due to the fact that Online NIC, Network Solutions or other domain name registrars, must register and propagate the name across the entire Internet. This can take from 3-5 days for new domains, and 4-7 days for domain name transfers. To test the domain, simply type it into a Web browser and see if your account comes up.



I need to transfer my website from my old host but I don't know how to do it.


Most hosting companies cannot transfer your website content to their servers from your old hosting company.



Do hosting companies provide merchant accounts if I want to put up a store?


Most hosting companies do not provide Merchant Account Services. However, most ecommerce solution, including, are compatible with leading providers such as,



How do I Get Started Step 2?


Step Two in Getting Started

By now you should have a good understanding of how to access your temporary site, began building your website, and initiated the transfer of your domain, if applicable. In step two of the getting started articles, we will assume that you now have at least one or two pages built for your website and are now ready to upload the pages to your new account. Login to your account and click on File Manager in the Control Panel. Then Click on Upload files. Browse your local harddrive and upload your index.html file any any other files required by your website to the /public_html/ folder, this is where all your public website files and foldres should be placed. Now when visiting your (24 hours after registration) your site will be working.