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I am trying to rebuild my index for Entropy Search, and it stops before 100%.


This is because the webserver is timing out before the process completes when you have a site that is too big to index within the given time. To get around this, call support to run the following command:




Why will Entropy not search any php file?


A. Entropy has the capibility, however it will also bring up any PHP passwords for your account, therefore entropy has disabled the PHP search funtion. To get around this you should install isearch or the google toolbar if you "have" to search PHP files. Links are included at the bottom. However if you still really want to search the php files there is a workaround, you will have to rename all the php files to .html and then make arrangements so that .html files are parsed by php.




How do I install Guestbook?


1. Login to the Control Panel
2. Click on CGI Center
3. Then click on Advanced Guest Book
4. To install this guestbook, type the name of a top level directory into the blank field and click Install. This directory must be top level, for example, not

You are then provided a login and password. Finally, you follow the link to the admin.